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APWU President Mark Dimondstein wants you to eat the cheese

A total of seventeen current sitting and past APWU National Officers have abandoned supporting Dimondstein in this election cycle.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. the clear choice to lead APWU

I am over due to write this article. There are only so many hours in the day and I do my best to support the campaign of each person I support in the APWU National Election. Times are brutal for postal workers. The membership deserves change from the status quo and Tony McKinnon is clearly the that change.

Chaos in the APWU the election and Union contract part 2

Dimondstein’s social agenda funded by APWU members’ dues

It is clear Mark DImondstein has no plan to make workroom issues his primary focus and never has been. He is all about promoting an outside social agenda.

Potential exists current APWU contract arbitration will lead to consent agreement

Below is a Facebook post from an ordinary APWU member who attended the 1st day of the union’s national contract arbitration. She questions if parts of the of the Union’s labor contract have been pre-arranged (consent agreement). To understand her post it is important to know Mindy Holmes is an attorney from Murphy Anderson PLLC …

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IPWU teach “Hoosier Hospitality” is no accident

I would like to extend my personal thank you to all the people involved in making the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio APWU Tri-State Conference a great event this weekend. I came to Indianapolis as a tourist with a camera

McKinnon-Wood the Yin and Yang of the APWU

Mr. McKinnon often refers to ancient Chinese philosophy when speaking of how the APWU will operate from the top offices.

APWU the status quo is not good enough

Before going any further it is important to let our readers know the APWU National Constitution and Bylaws states the APWU should enter talks every year with the National Association of Letter Carriers and every second year with the National Postal Mail Handlers to pursue a merger.  While these talks have never resulted in a solid commitment to merge the union’s they do take place.  We will now move forward.

When will the APWU get a contract and what’s in the TA’s

We have reached out to members of the APWU’s Rank & File Committee who voted against President DImondstein’s contract he portrayed as “fair and positive”. 

APWU: Chaos the election and the contract

I want you know I honestly believe the only way to save the APWU from a horrendously awful labor contract is to vote Mark Dimondstein out as National President this fall.