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Sam Wood gets results others can’t for the APWU

This is no secret Sam Wood dances to the beat of his own drummer.  Which may not be a good thing unless you can get consistently get positive results.  Sam gets results and sometimes it defies conventional wisdom.  But this is a good thing and Sam Wood is the perfect person to be the next Executive Vice President of the American Postal Workers Union.

Dimondstein’s social agenda funded by APWU members’ dues

It is clear Mark DImondstein has no plan to make workroom issues his primary focus and never has been. He is all about promoting an outside social agenda.

Potential exists current APWU contract arbitration will lead to consent agreement

Below is a Facebook post from an ordinary APWU member who attended the 1st day of the union’s national contract arbitration. She questions if parts of the of the Union’s labor contract have been pre-arranged (consent agreement). To understand her post it is important to know Mindy Holmes is an attorney from Murphy Anderson PLLC …

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IPWU teach “Hoosier Hospitality” is no accident

I would like to extend my personal thank you to all the people involved in making the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio APWU Tri-State Conference a great event this weekend. I came to Indianapolis as a tourist with a camera

McKinnon-Wood the Yin and Yang of the APWU

Mr. McKinnon often refers to ancient Chinese philosophy when speaking of how the APWU will operate from the top offices.

APWU candidates suggest pilot daycare program

As the post offices transitions to a younger workforce one idea being floated by a group of candidates is the potential of an employer/union supported daycare program for postal workers.

APWU represented employees lose major financial ground under Dimondstein

“I believe it to be fair and positive for the members” APWU National President, Mark Dimondstein writing about the contract voted down by the union’s Rank & File Committee 9 to 4.  This contract had “one pay raise over two years” and conceded APWU represented work in the Maintenance Craft.  It also conceded work performed …

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Samuel Wood and postal workers not amused by “poop” cake

Workers at the Cape Coral Post Office say their manager baked them a dessert that looked like something you’d find in a toilet. The attempt at bathroom humor backfired in a big way.

Samuel Wood announces his candidacy for APWU National Executive Vice President

Samuel Wood (President, SW Florida Area, APWU recently announced his intention to run for APWU National Executive Vice President.

Samuel Wood says vote for individuals not “Teams”

Can it be right to do wrong in order to do good for yourself? Should we care about how APWU political teams are formed in alliance against others?