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STIDMAN: Who I support and 2019 APWU Official Ballot

Below is copy of my 2019 APWU Official Election Ballot. There are also a few candidates who I am not eligible to vote because of where I live or the fact, I am in the Clerk Craft. I will list them below:

IPWU teach “Hoosier Hospitality” is no accident

I would like to extend my personal thank you to all the people involved in making the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio APWU Tri-State Conference a great event this weekend. I came to Indianapolis as a tourist with a camera

Jerry Stidman for APWU Secretary Treasurer

I want to thank all the APWU locals and their officers who signed my petition to run for APWU National Secretary Treasurer.  It is deeply appreciated.

STIDMAN: Supports Idowu Balogun for APWU Maintenance Craft “Director”

This is a slam dunk. I had never met APWU Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun in person until recently at the Mobile, AL APWU Tri-State. To say Mr. Balogun made a positive impression on me is an understatement.

Why have working conditions deteriorated for APWU workers?

It is easy to identify problems, but sometimes it is more difficult to find solutions that solve the problem. My goal is to point out what I believe are common problems nationwide for postal workers and hopefully make helpful suggestions to fix the problem.