Roscoe Woods announces his candidacy for APWU Central Region Coordinator

Roscoe Woods, President APWU Area Local 480-481 and member of the recent APWU Rank & File Committee declared he will be running for APWU National Office. Brother Woods will be put his hat in the ring to become the next APWU Central Region Coordinator.

Seven APWU National Officers abandon Mark Dimondstein

There is obvious discord between with the peace and harmony at 1300 L Street the APWU National Headquarters as election season approaches.  Seven APWU National Officers have chosen to break ranks with the sitting President Mark Dimondstein. 

Tiffany Foster announces her candidacy for APWU Northeast Region Coordinator

  Tiffany Foster, Vice President of the New York Metro Area APWU has announced she will be running for the office of APWU Northeast Regional Coordinator.  Tiffany was also a member of the APWU Rank & File Committee that voted down the failed Tentative Agreement.  She was on the winning end of the 9 to …

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Sam Wood to run for APWU Health Plan Director

Samuel Wood, President of the Southwest Florida Area Local has announced his intention to run for APWU Health Plan Director.  Mr. Wood made the following statement via his union’s local Facebook Page. Over the years, I have provided our members yearly OPM Health Plan Comparisons. I believe that our members need great Health Plan choices. …

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Thomas Benson writes on “being sold out”

We saw how certain individuals were willing to sell out the members in recent contract negotiations. This is not the first time that those we elected were willing to sell us out. Give backs are nothing new for this group at APWU National. If you go back to HR 756 … which is now know …

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Has APWU Editor, Mark Dimondstein violated election rules?

We are bringing the following information to your attention as the language and intent in the APWU Constitution and Bylaws may have been infringed.

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We support Thomas Benson for APWU Political/Legislative Director

Let there be no mistake our first choice to head the Political/Legislative department for the APWU is Thomas Benson.

APWU Rank & File Report, Scott Hoffman, Chairman Rank & File Committee, President, APWU Boston, MA

This page is maintained by the founders of the APWU Workers For Change movement. We support and will vote for all APWU Workers For Change national candidates before considering those outside the movement. Like us on Facebook: APWU Workers For Change. Rank and File Report The following is a summary of the findings of the …

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