STIDMAN: Who I support and 2019 APWU Official Ballot

Below is copy of my 2019 APWU Official Election Ballot. There are also a few candidates who I am not eligible to vote because of where I live or the fact, I am in the Clerk Craft. I will list them below:

Roscoe Woods APWU Rank & File Contract Report

APWU 480-481 Area Local President’s Report February 2019 As many of you are aware, the APWU and the USPS were unable to come to a negotiated agreement, and once again we are headed to arbitration. How we arrived at this point this year is another story entirely. My perspective on the Rank and File and …

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Chaos in the APWU the election and Union contract part 2

Scott Hoffman will fight off concessionary contract language

I am writing this as we prepare for the upcoming ballot drop in the APWU National Elections. This is a watershed moment in our APWU history. This election will not only shape the current round of contract negotiations/arbitration, but also the next.

Dimondstein’s social agenda funded by APWU members’ dues

It is clear Mark DImondstein has no plan to make workroom issues his primary focus and never has been. He is all about promoting an outside social agenda.

Thomas Benson speaks out on USPS service standards

Service Standards are vital, yet Congress was asked to remove the wording.

Potential exists current APWU contract arbitration will lead to consent agreement

Below is a Facebook post from an ordinary APWU member who attended the 1st day of the union’s national contract arbitration. She questions if parts of the of the Union’s labor contract have been pre-arranged (consent agreement). To understand her post it is important to know Mindy Holmes is an attorney from Murphy Anderson PLLC …

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APWU election question from member at a retail station

APWU candidates…this one is for you all. I’m friends with most of you running for office. I see your campaigning..your travels, your posts. Granted…they’re all important issues…but what I want to know is your plans for the front lines…the

A letter from Roscoe Woods candidate for APWU Central Region Coordinator

I hope this message finds all our APWU brothers and sisters doing well. Before the ballots arrive some time in the coming week I wanted to take another opportunity to express why I am the best candidate running in the race to be your Central Region Coordinator.

IPWU teach “Hoosier Hospitality” is no accident

I would like to extend my personal thank you to all the people involved in making the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio APWU Tri-State Conference a great event this weekend. I came to Indianapolis as a tourist with a camera