Why I Support John Marcotte for APWU President by Jerry Stidman

John Marcotte is by far the superior fighter for his convictions, the good of the APWU and its membership.  His field of experience and attitude will give a greater opportunity for success in defeating the DeJoy 10 year plan.

Thomas Benson for APWU Legislative/Political Director

I am proud to announce my intent to run for the office of APWU Legislative/Political Director during this years APWU National election.

Mark Dimondstein is NOT a money launderer!

In July 2019, I made a post that accused Mark Dimondstein of being involved in money laundering. After that, Mr. Dimondstein filed a lawsuit against me for defamation. There is no need for us to spend our time and money on lawyers and lawsuits. I have no information that Mr. Dimondstein ever engaged in any …

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APWU President Mark Dimondstein’s donates $50,000 to upstart health workers union

“NUHW’s 2010 LM-2 also raises questions about a $50,000 donation in the name of Mark Dimondstein of Greensboro, NC., a particularly large donation that the union claims came from a single individual.”