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The Need for Campaign Financial Reform in APWU National Elections

Why have we allowed APWU elections to be determined mostly by who has the most money wins?
I wonder if it was not ridiculously expensive for those running for office to get their message out to the voters if the incumbent president would have most of these national officers on his ticket. (around $4000.00 an email blast to the members and $100,000.00 a post card to the members !!) (What an obscene payday to Kelly Press for hitting the return key on emails)
Why do we have tickets at all? We should elect the best candidate. Not vote for someone because a national officer I respect is on the same ticket, that is insane.
I have heard officers say they have to join the ticket or the incumbent president will get someone to run against them. If that is true we have a big problem.
Correct me if I am wrong but are we not postal workers electing a postal worker to lead our union? I was told the incumbent president spent around a half million dollars on the last election. I do not know for sure but if anyone has a ball park figure for the cost for all the mailings, email and such supporting his candidacy I’m sure the membership would like to know. If that is true, I don’t know any postal worker who has $500,000.00 to spend on an election. So what are we doing as a union? Money has ruined politics and governance , why would we want that in our union?
We cannot have a democratic union if the average postal worker cannot afford to run for office without mortgaging their house to do a mailing. It appears tickets are formed out of financial necessity or God forbid financial intimidation; either is not democracy or fair to the electorate. This has got to change.