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This page is maintained by the founders of the APWU Workers For Change movement. We support and will vote for all APWU Workers For Change national candidates before considering those outside the movement. Like us on Facebook: APWU Workers For Change.


This is our listing of current known opposition candidates for APWU National Office.  We will use this page to help spread the message of those who are not part of the APWU national headquarters team.  Please note incumbent officers who have the support of the sitting President have a very unfair advantage over those who are not part of that person’s team.  This page is about helping those who do not have that advantage.

As this year progresses we hope to have fill each candidates “tagged page” with a plethora of information about them.  We want candidates announcements, Op-Ed’s, articles, pictures and general information about each candidate so the APWU member has an opportunity to cast an informed vote.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr. President

Greg Bell President

John Marcotte President

Samuel Wood Vice President

Debby Sveredy Vice President

Jeane Gardiner Secretary-Treasurer

Jerry Stidman Secretary-Treasurer

Scott Hoffman Director of Industrial Relations

Thomas Benson Legislative/Political Director

Courtney “CJ” Jenkins Legislative/Political Director

Idowu Balogun Maintenance Craft Director

Jimmie Waldon Assistant Maintenance Craft Director (A)

Terry B. Martinez Assistant Maintenance Craft Director (B)

Lamont Brooks Clerk Craft Director

Sam Lisenbe Assistant Clerk Craft Director (A)

Lynn Pallas-Barber Assistant Clerk Craft Director (B)

Joyce Robinson Research & Education Director

Leslie M. Taylor Research & Education Director

Sue Carney Human Relations Director

Nannette Corley Human Relations Director

Doris Simmons Organization Director

Nancy Olumekor Retiree Director

Tiffany Foster Northeast Region Coordinator

Roscoe Woods Central Region Coordinator

Bill Lewis Eastern Region Coordinator

Gwen Lane Eastern Region Coordinator

Dominic Davis Western Region Coordinator

Robert Furbush Health Plan Director

Sarah Rodriguez Health Plan Director

Ashley Henson Cargill Wichita Region, NBA Clerk Division (A)

Ricardo “Rick” Ruiz San Francisco Region, NBA Clerk Division (A)