Why I Support John Marcotte for APWU President by Jerry Stidman

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John Marcotte is by far the superior fighter for his convictions, the good of the APWU and its membership.  His field of experience and attitude will give a greater opportunity for success in defeating the DeJoy 10 year plan.

It is important to explain how I know both John Marcotte and Mark Dimondstein so the reader can understand why my endorsement of a candidate has meaning.  Starting in August of 2012 I built a very large social media following mainly on Facebook that at the time was larger than the APWU’s national following.  This is no longer true as the APWU’s social media following dwarfs mine due to a very large twitter following.  I had also authored petitions in support of saving mail processing plants, service standards, etc that was near 200,000 at the time.  By 2016 the total number of signatures on petitions I authored was around 400,000.

During the 2013 APWU National election process John Marcotte discovered me on Facebook and we arranged a meeting one morning at a Starbuck’s near my work location.  John was there to recruit my help in winning the APWU national election for his team of candidates.  Mark Dimondstein was the candidate for President and John Marcotte was the candidate for Legislative/Political Director.  I ended up supporting the team in its entirety.

As the election process unfolded during 2013 I spoke to both Mark and John dozens of times on the telephone many of those calls were lengthy.  One of the first things I discovered immediately was John Marcotte understood the current condition of the post office working environment dramatically better than Mark.  John was a current postal employee and had not been retired for years like Mark.  Marcotte was also successful fighting off a mail processing closure for years.  I often wondered why John was not the team’s candidate for President in 2013.  I later learned earlier versions of the opposition team had Tony McKinnon and Charles Smith at the top of the ticket.  I grew to believe Tony and Charles were superior candidates to Mark.  Over the years I have been told by numerous people that Mark Dimondstein is a multi-millionare and he bankrolled the team and that is why he was the Presidential candidate in 2013.

Now I will not fault any person who has great wealth.  This is America and I believe in the American dream.  However, for me I prefer the people who represent me in the union at the national level to have a similar life experience to mine.  I want my elected officials to have spent significant and recent time working under my work experience.  People who have had to live on the type of wages I had to when I worked for the post office.  John definitely wins this point for me.

As Mark Dimondstein’s 1st term progressed I became increasingly frustrated by some his policies and actions. I thought his outside campaigns were misguided and ill conceived. I have always thought the two most important challenges that faced postal workers are mail processing plant closures and returning service standards to the July 2012 standard.  I encourage you to watch the APWU Presidential debate below.  There is reason to believe John Marcotte’s remarks are true about service standards could have been reverted by to the July 2012 standards and this would have stopped the potential closures and consolidations.

There is a more detailed explanation of what John Marcotte’s role was to include the July 2012 Service Standards in the federal budget at this link.

I would never endorse or support any candidate unless I thought they had a reasonable chance to ultimately win the election.  Below are all of the APWU election results since Mark Dimondstein has been APWU National President.  We have covered the 2013 election.  We will now cover the 2016 election.  As you can see I ran for President in 2016 and I got soundly beaten.  I won’t go into great detail about that right now.  This not about me.  This is about John and Mark and this endorsement is very long already.  However I will definitely go into detail before a single vote is cast.

Now let’s fast forward to the 2019 election.  Now I will show you how any candidate could have beaten Mark Dimondstein in the 2019 Presidential election if they were in a two candidate race.  In fact John Marcotte could have beaten Mark Dimondstein in a landslide.  The first factor to consider is while the APWU will tell you membership is up or steady the entire time Mark has been president the number of people who actually vote in the national election has declined from 47,972 to 35,428 votes.  This constitutes a 12,244 drop in voter turn out which equates to a 25.5% drop in voter turn out.  Low voter turn out always benefits the incumbent.  If you are not happy with how your union is run you have to encourage as many people as possible to vote.  It doesn’t matter if you are a national, state, or local officer if you don’t encourage every possible person to vote you can you’re at risk.

The opportunity for change is very ripe. In 2019 approximately only 8 percent of eligible APWU members voted for Mark Dimondstein.  Mark received 44.5% in that election leaving 55.5% available for another candidate in 2019.  In a two man race the median point to achieve victory in the last election was 17,715.  With four people in the race state and local officers who might have been vocal for the members to vote against Mark was pretty light.  Even if you feel someone might be a better president the cards were so stacked against the challengers and union officers knew that. In a two man race Tony McKinnon and Greg Bell definitely could have beaten Mark Dimondstein with a total of 19,662 votes available.  Keep in mind the potential of officers leveraging their influence would be much higher so the necessary 17,715 votes would have been totally obtainable for Tony and Greg.  John Marcotte only needed 6,001 votes in 2019 to beat Mark.  Tony and Greg had a combined total of 9,897 votes.  So even if nothing changed in the dynamic of the last election the potential exists John could have received 19,530 votes to Mark’s 15,766.  If the dynamics were changed and APWU officers split their influence or openly encouraged for John in 2019.  The end result could have been a massive landslide for John Marcotte.

Now let’s go back to the original thought in this post.  “John is the superior fighter”.  That’s not an original thought.  That is the perception of multiple APWU officials I have spoken to recently but they are 100 percent spot on.  I am hopeful if John Marcotte and Thomas Benson are elected  and”Service Standards can be changed back to the July 1st, 2012 standard”.  I am hopeful that John would help get Louis DeJoy removed as Postmaster General and stop the 10 year plan.  It is not likely that the current administration can do this and to think otherwise is a scary proposition.  This why I encourage every APWU member to vote for John Marcotte in the upcoming APWU National Election and encourage every member they can convince it’s the right move to do the same.

(2013 APWU National Election for President)
Mark Dimondstein (56.2%) 26,965
Cliff Guffey (43.8%) 21,007
total votes cast 47,972

(2016 APWU National Election for President)
Mark Dimondstein (83.5%) 33,538
Jerry Stidman (16.5) 6,618
total votes cast 40,156

(2019 APWU National Election for President)
Mark Dimondstein (44.5%) 15,766
Greg Bell (19.0%) 6,746
John Marcotte (27.5%) 9,765
Tony D. McKinnon Sr.(9,0%) 3151
total votes cast 35,428