Tony D. McKinnon Sr. the clear choice to lead APWU

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I am over due to write this article. There are only so many hours in the day and I do my best to support the campaign of each person I support in the APWU National Election. Times are brutal for postal workers. The membership deserves change from the status quo and Tony McKinnon is clearly the best person to provide that change.

Tony D. McKinnon Sr.

In 2016 I ran for APWU National President. Pretty much in the lone wolf grassroots manner I am not afraid to undertake a lot of things. I recognized our Union was in continued decline and Mark DImondstein did nothing to stop that decline. He talked a good game but the amount of money he spent on outside campaigns took away from direct representation of the workers on the workroom floor. This is something our membership must never forget when election ballots are in play. What did Mark Dimondstein do for the person on the workroom floor that elected him?

To not point out John Marcotte’s shortcomings is a total travesty to our membership. You can’t truly see the virtue in Tony McKinnon and why he is the right person to lead the APWU forward unless you take the time to examine how John Marcotte got to where he is now. Several people in the APWU’s mix at the national level have said I need to portray Marcotte as Dimondstein 2.0. I will not go there. I personally like John. I think John is basically a good person at heart and wish him nothing but the best in a role with the Union that best suits his talents and skills. That position is not as APWU National President. We do not need a populist who will say anything he thinks will get him elected unless he can demonstrate he has the skills to achieve results.

When you look at John Marcotte’s field of experience it makes one wonder how he would perform in the highest position for our Union. It has been about six years since John has had direct involvement with the working conditions for our membership. John was the local president of the Gaylord, Michigan APWU local which currently has approximately 33 members. Not a bad thing. My local has approximately 48 members. One thing I learned in 2016 when I ran for APWU President there are many issues you must have knowledge about that you just don’t see in smaller locals. I learned you would have to rely on others to help school you on those issues. Tony comes from a much larger local and was President of the Fayetteville, NC local for 30 years. He has seen every possible issue that our members would encounter. When Tony lost his election in 2016 by unscrupulous means he did not retire, or go into management, he went back to the workroom floor and started fighting for the membership. He is connected to the membership. John is basically now a career politician with a severe disconnect to the workroom floor.

I asked John three years ago if he would run for APWU National President. He explained he would be running for APWU Health Plan Director. He basically acquiesced to an assigned role by the sitting President Mark Dimondstein in order to save his job. We must ask ourselves why Mark Dimondstein moved three sitting officers out of their elected positions for his purposes? We still don’t know. We must ask what were the circumstances of popular APWU Health Plan Director Bill Kazor retirement in 2016? Was he forced out by Dimondstein and how did Marcotte play into that situation?

I highly encourage every member who reads this article to read the biography of Tony D. McKinnon Sr. and John L. Marcotte. They tell a stark contrast to both candidates. For me Tony McKinnon is the clear choice to be the next President of the APWU. This is a story I will be updating frequently, and many posts will follow on this issue in the coming days.

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