Dimondstein’s social agenda funded by APWU members’ dues

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“People are disengaged not because they don’t care but because they see their union dues as a premium to an insurance company or as lawyer’s fees. We need to retool, to retrain people to see the union as themselves. We need to encourage workers to take their grievances directly to the boss, in groups, not just file paperwork and wait for union officials to service them.” APWU National President Mark Dimondstein (from 2013)

It is clear Mark DImondstein has no plan to make workroom issues his primary focus and never has been. He is all about promoting an outside social agenda. He travels here and he travels there at levels he never traveled in the past to gain reelection as APWU National President all on the union members dime. Ultimately Mark Dimondstein’s election campaign is financed by that same apathetic local union member whose working conditions continue to digress under his leadership. Who basically will be taking a pay cut under his next negotiated union contract unless he is voted out of office. Let there be no mistake we support voting for Tony D. McKinnon Sr. and Samuel Wood. They are the answer to avert this situation.

The Dimondstein administration is very heavy on Special Assistants who work directly for him on what would appear to be his social projects. It was recently reported Dimondstein employs five Special Assistants. The total wages and travel expenses for these five Special Assistants was $387,759 in 2018 a figure derived from the APWU 2018 LM-2 report. The LM-2’s are reports labor unions are required to file with the federal government by law. Most APWU Presidents have had no more than two Special Assistants some have had only one Special Assistant. Below is an image that was mailed out nationally to APWU Locals provided by an anonymous source. It would appear to document those five Special Assistants. A note of interest one Special Assistant Richard Shelley was shown receiving $30,183 on the 2018 LM-2’s on Schedule 17 and Schedule 18 items. Which makes us ask the following questions. Where did Rich Shelley go? What did he do? What did he buy? One would might believe the membership has the right to know.


Below is a campaign video released by Mark Dimondstein. When you see the name Mark Dimondstein on your APWU National election ballot ignore it and make your “X” beside the name Tony D. McKinnon Sr. Tony and the rest of the APWU Workers For Change will lead you in a direction that will improve your wages, working conditions and protect your hard earned benefits. This is a promise for both the active postal worker and the retiree. So much of Dimondstein’s campaign video is about promoting his personal agenda a social agenda. Think about the last three years with Mark Dimondstein. Then think about his first term in office. The only thing missing is Tony D. McKinnon Sr. Most of the images in Dimondstein’s video occurred during his first term in office and not his second term. Ask yourself what has Mark Dimondstein done for you lately. The answer is simple literally nothing of substance.

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(ISO) International Socialist Organization

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