Sam Wood gets results others can’t for the APWU

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Sam Wood APWU Workers For Change, VP Candidate in Indianapolis.

This is no secret Sam Wood dances to the beat of his own drummer.  Which may not be a good thing unless you can get consistently get positive results.  Sam gets results and sometimes it defies conventional wisdom.  But this is a good thing and Sam Wood is the perfect person to be the next Executive Vice President of the American Postal Workers Union.

We will use Sam’s own words to help you understand more about why we think Sam Wood is the best person for APWU National Executive Vice President.

“These are some of the reasons why I have decided to run for the office of APWU Executive Vice President. I feel that we need to move in a different and positive direction and fight back to do more to assist our membership. Members need to be able to look to our National Officers to support them in every way possible. The “go it alone” approach has clearly not worked. Former APWU Presidents Moe Biller and William “Bill” Burrus were known as leaders who never forgot where they came from. I respected them as they always cared about those they represented. They always fought for better pay, benefits, and working conditions for our members. During the past two contracts, our health plan givebacks have resulted in a decrease in members pay and this bleeding must end.”

Sam’s thoughts continue below:

“Six years ago, my local finally heard an RI-399 arbitration case that was thirteen years old. It was the APWU versus the USPS and Mail Handlers (two versus one). Not one APWU National Officer thought we would triumph, but our local believed we would, and we did! Management then refused to negotiate a payment to our members. I went to APWU’s lawyer and he said they could not, and would not, do anything for us. I immediately began a search for a law firm that would take our local’s case to Federal Court. Our local overwhelmingly supported my choice in a law firm. After a lengthy court battle, our local, along with our attorneys, forced management to negotiate a settlement. We negotiated a $5.2 million settlement and paid over 600 employees who were either still working, retired, transferred, and deceased members families were compensated.”

We highly encourage all APWU members to vote for Sam Wood, Tony D. McKinnon Sr. and Jeane Gardiner for national APWU office.  In fact we want you to vote for all APWU Workers For Change candidates.

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