A letter from Roscoe Woods candidate for APWU Central Region Coordinator

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I hope this message finds all our APWU brothers and sisters doing well. Before the ballots arrive some time in the coming week I wanted to take another opportunity to express why I am the best candidate running in the race to be your Central Region Coordinator.

Some quick information about me:

I am President of the 7th largest Area Local in the nation; we are known for our fierce advocacy and as a result consistently compete with President Scott Hoffman and the Boston Metro Area Local for best organized local in the nation. We are consistently hovering between 93% and 94% organized.  After serving six years as the 480-481 Area Local Executive Vice President, I am in my third term as local our President; I was unopposed for my third term.

I have the leadership skills to be your Central Region Coordinator. I will be a strong voice for the Central Region when it comes any issue we face. I will be a strong voice in the region when confronting management. I also believe we need to do the following:

The Regional Coordinator has a responsibility to work within their region to advance any constitution/contract resolutions they believe will benefit the central region and the union as a whole. I will work with all state caucuses and multi state organizations within the region to advance an agenda that improves communication within our union as well as constitution/contract resolutions that bring much needed change to our Constitution and our contract. Clarity and transparency not only protect our membership, it protects our democracy.

I will lead the charge to pass a Constitutional resolution that will have APWU HQ post at APWU.org for all members to review the NEB minutes.

We have a right to know what our National Executive Board discusses, for years we have not been provided the NEB agenda the NEB minutes nor have we been told where and when these NEB meetings are being held. As your Central Region Coordinator until a Constitutional resolution is passed, I will make certain the dates, times and locations of NEB meetings are provided. I will make certain every local receives copies of NEB minutes. We need more information not less. The current administration has made it a point to keep information from us.

True leadership encourages transparency and the regional coordinators should be leading in a manner that ensures their regions know what is happening at APWU HQ. We are your representatives on the NEB we are your voice on the NEB.

I want to see some changes in how the Central Region communicates.

I want to build communication and solidarity by bringing people together in the Central Region. I want the Central Region to lead the APWU!

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

In Solidarity,

Roscoe Woods

President 480-481 Area Local

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