Jeane Gardiner a breath of fresh air for APWU financial transparency

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We encourage you to take our APWU Election exit poll.

There is no greater place to bring change to the American Postal Workers Union than through electing a new National Secretary Treasurer and we recommend electing Jeane Gardiner as the new Secretary Treasurer.  Keep in mind it is believed Elizabeth “Liz” Powell is believed to be in her mid-70’s.  Which is no crime and we do not want to insinuate there is anything wrong with being older.  We all aspire to be retirement age, to be vibrant like Liz when we reach retirement age and continue to work if we feel healthy, happy and productive.  That is our right.  That is her right.  We do not believe in discriminating against people based upon age in any form.

However, with the lack of transparency in the minutes of the Executive Board Meetings there is a need for change.  When you look at the recent minutes that were mailed out to all locals across this country one would wonder why we didn’t know that a sitting Eboard member made a motion to pad the APWU Consumer Driven Health Plan by $2.00.  While this may not seem like much to many, we are talking about the low cost plan a lot of our younger and junior members have because of cost.  Many of these members may make approximately $50,000 a year.  A PSE or PTF might make slightly less or slightly more on an annual basis.  How someone who is required by law at 70 years and a few months to draw a retirement that is at least as much as that PSE or PTF makes in one year does not disclose this information in full is beyond my comprehension.  What is truly sad is the actual amount Elizabeth Powell draws in her retirement might be in excess of $100,000 making it twice what our youngest members make in a year.  If you combine her base wage of approximately $140,000 a year Liz Powell’s wages might be as much as four or times what a PSE or PTF might earn in a year.  So, every member of the APWU is paying the equivalent of 4 or 5 times what some of younger members make in a year just to keep Elizabeth “Liz” Powell as APWU Secretary Treasurer.


Add in the fact the APWU Secretary Treasurer is the Election Committee Chairman.  Every election chaired by Elizabeth “Liz” Powell has not been smooth and seamless.  There have been lawsuits, appeals and protests to the NLRB.  The hope of potentially having an APWU Election process alone is reason to elect Jeane Gardiner.

The APWU Secretary Treasurer sits on the APWU Executive Board for the APWU Health Plan.  APWU Health Plan has had its share of problems, drama and dysfunction in the last few years since the retirement of Health Plan Director Bill Kazor.

Information is slow to get to the officers in the field and even slower to get to the individual member.  We support electing Jeane Gardiner.  This will most certainly bring a total audit of all APWU budgets, LM-2’s and the APWU Health Plan by outside auditors.  This is something we totally support.

Below is a listing of Jeane’s qualifications.  We encourage you to vote for Jeane Gardiner and the rest of the APWU Workers For Change led by Tony D. McKinnon Sr. and Sam Wood.


A vote for Jeane Gardiner is a vote for dedication, experience, knowledge, wisdom, and a willingness to work will all locals:  Large or small, work within the guidelines of the APWU National Constitution and the LMDRA of 1959 as amended.

Exploring new ways to guide the department into the 21st century!

My aim is to keep the APWU in the black and strive to maintain transparency, fiduciary responsibility, to follow the guidelines mandated by the Office of Labor Management Standards.

Experience in elected positions:

  • President, Houston Area Local

  • President, Coalition of Labor Union Women-Houston Chapter

  • Texas State Chairperson POWER

  • Assistant Clerk Craft Director

  • Tour III Director GPO

  • Delegate to Nation Conventions

  • Delegate to State Conventions

Appointed to serve on:

  • National Rank and File Committee

  • National Election Committee

  • National Arbitration Advocate

  • Certified Steward for the Clerk Craft

  • Certified Steward for the Maintenance Craft

  • Local Negotiating Team for the GPO, Stations, North Houston, AMC, and AO’s

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