Is APWU President Mark Dimondstein a socialist or communist?

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As a note of transparency it is important to note we support the election of all the candidates in the APWU Workers For Change led by Tony D. McKinnon Sr.

As a right-wing friend who happens to be a soon retired member of the APWU used to tell me from time to time “socialism always leads to communism”. At the time when he would make those types of statements my thoughts were, he is an extremist and that can’t be right. Can it? Well to a given point he is right, and I am savoring the taste of crow. I might add it does not taste like chicken, but I am very quickly finding out I am not choking on it. Many APWU members have told me they believe APWU National President Mark Dimondstein is a socialist and potentially even a communist. I will not make a personal judgement or assumption on Mr. Dimondstein’s political leanings, but I will provide the reader the resources to research the subject and form their own opinions.

“Along with organized labor—including the APWU’s Mark Dimondstein, who came out at the recent AFL-CIO convention in favor of a labor party—and the millions of disaffected Democrats inspired by Bernie Sanders’s campaign, there is enormous potential for a mass, independent socialist party.” Socialist Revolution


Earlier we told you about the Houston Communist Party blog embraces APWU President Mark Dimondstein’s ideas. Initially we believed this must be a small faction of the Communist Party USA or just a radical left-wing Texan. For whatever reason it just seemed so unreal but upon further research one would be led to believe it is real.  We later learned of a public protest the Houston Communist party held in 2017 which was well attended by Bernie Sander’s Our Revolution, the Democratic Socialists of America and the Houston Area Progressives.  According to the communists 23,000 people attended this protest.  It is common for APWU officers to greet one another as “brother” or “sister”.  We can envision the day when President Dimondstein will encourage the membership to change that greeting to “comrade”.

“If Sanders were vying for a Cabinet post, he’d never pass an FBI background check. There’d be too many subversive red flags popping up in his file. He was a communist collaborator during the height of the Cold War.” Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he’s a diehard communist


This is a developing story and we will continue to add more content as it becomes available.

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