APWU President Mark Dimondstein wants you to eat the cheese

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There is an old analogy that communism and socialism is like cheese that sits in a mousetrap patiently waiting for the mouse to stop by and take a bite out of the cheese.  It applies when we think of APWU President Mark Dimenstein.  To what degree Mark DImondstein subscribes to socialism we don’t know but socialists really like him, and he is been trying to lure the membership into a proverbial mousetrap.  Big time.

Beware of Dimondstein’s view of the APWU

A total of seventeen current sitting and past APWU National Officers have abandoned supporting Dimondstein in this election cycle.  This total doesn’t include the numerous National Business Agents both current and past who have lost all confidence in Mark Dimondstein.  One would believe his only hope to regain office is to suppress the opposition’s right to free speech and spend a lot of money.  So far, he isn’t doing a bad job of spending money.  Each national mailing to the membership costs approximately $95,000 each.  Members across the country are reporting receiving multiple mailings. An email blast to the membership comes with a price tag of about $5,000 each.  The membership has received one of those as well.  He has advertised a campaign video heavily on Facebook. All of this for an elected position that pays approximately $160,000 a year.

I asked the question “Is APWU President Mark DImondstein a socialist or communist?”  I allowed the reader to form their own decision.  Once the blog post and a picture of Dimondstein with hammer and cycle hit social media in the 21cpw Facebook group it was hit by a ton of criticism and the administrator of the group took the post down.  Approximately 25 people spoke against the post within an hour or two and made statements about it being divisive.  It was said to be “red-baiting” and reeked of “McCarthyism”.  Yet not one single person denied the potential DImondstein might be a socialist or communist. There is a major difference from the McCarthyism of the 1950’s, and which politicians in their positions of power, in their positions in “the government” to out potential communists and drummed out of society. They were blacklisted and they lost jobs. To simply ask a question if someone is a communist is just that a question.  In fact, the current sitting President of Dimondstein’s home local the Greensboro, NC local stated she didn’t know where he came from prior to coming to Greensboro or how he was able to retire when he retired from the post office.

What people don’t understand is there is no other post office labor union President who attracts the level of attention from the socialists and communists.  I researched NALC President Frederick Rolando, President Paul V. Hogrogian of the NPMHU (mail handler’s union) and President Ronnie Stutts of the NRLCA (rural carriers) and there are virtually no references to socialism or communism.  When you look at past APWU Presidents Moe Biller and Bill Burrus there are very limited references to socialism or communism.

There is no transparency with DImondstein.  We have no idea what his five special assistants do.  The membership spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for people who support his vision of a Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal System.  On the “Grand Alliance” website there is not one single organization that could even be considered politically moderate.  I encourage you to research Dimondstein’s outside campaigns and consider if they have a chance at developing bipartisan support in Congress.  The APWU needs to move to the center in hopes of engaging conservatives.  Then it can make real change.  Lasting positive change that impacts the members in ways that will last a lifetime.

Vote for Tony D. McKinnon Sr. and the APWU Workers For Change.  I also support a few other candidates as well.  We need change.  We need a change in political direction, and we need a change to improve our working conditions.  Mark Dimondstein represents the status quo.  Don’t be fooled by slick videos or flashy mailings.  Vote for those who will work to make your life better.

This is a developing story and we will continue to add more content as it becomes available.

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