APWU election question from member at a retail station

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APWU candidates…this one is for you all. I’m friends with most of you running for office. I see your campaigning..your travels, your posts. Granted…they’re all important issues…but what I want to know is your plans for the front lines…the bottom lines.

1. Function 4 is being starved. I can only assume that other offices are experiencing the same as our area. We do not have the clerks needed to help customers in a timely manner. Lunch times and dispatch times we literally have lines to the door. I feel this is part of management’s overall plan to push customers to prepay labels. What are you going to do about addressing this?

2. As window clerks we accept prepaids…we’ve been instructed to let the prepaid through even though we see the consistent loss of revenue and errors in them. We are told they are caught later down the line. I don’t believe this. I feel that upper management is fully aware of the revenue loss and have labeled it acceptable in their brainless thinktank. I personally stamp them postage due hoping they are caught at delivery point. Are you addressing the revenue loss?

3. It is apparent to me that management is using a landslide of violations to get by with some…the most common now is crossing crafts…carriers performing clerk work on Amazon Sundays as well as heavy days…204Bs/supervisors performing clerk work at smaller offices and stations. All this while calling in employees for investigative interviews for sick calls instead of starting with job discussions as per contract. All this while running DBCs machines single staffed. Sending out express with non bargaining employees…aka 204bs, supervisors, managers. Overtime violations. Working PSEs into the ground. Fighting all these grievances to step 2 and step 3 instead of settling at the lowest step. I feel they are land sliding the locals with contractual and discipline cases hoping to get away with a percentage because the locals are buried in the paperwork. What are your plans to attack this???

I’m interested in having these answers. The ballots are on their way out…if you want my vote…give me your thoughts

User submitted question by an APWU member (Kurt Bradley Waite) from Duluth, Minnesota.  Candidates please use the form below to give your answers.


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    • Deborah T Harris on September 13, 2019 at 7:37 am
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    Interested in which candidates answered your question.

    1. Deborah no candidate has said a word yet! Thank you for asking.

    • Kurt B. Waite on September 17, 2019 at 11:19 am
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    I asked these questions over a week ago…the candidates never bothered to answer…but…they had plenty of time to put up flashy memes and have their pictures taken next to APWU members. Their lack of an answer is enough to tell me what their priorities are…and it’s apparent that my concerns are not one of them. When the election is over…and a winner is chosen…I hope we all return to being brothers and sisters at arms…a house divided will fall.

    1. One would think someone would answer these questions. They are core issues.

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