Thomas Benson calls all members to vote in the APWU National Election

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This page is maintained by the founders of the APWU Workers For Change movement. We support and will vote for all APWU Workers For Change national candidates before considering those outside the movement. Like us on Facebook: APWU Workers For Change.

Vote in the 2019 APWU National Election

Thomas Benson, candidate for APWU Legislative and Political Director President, Lake Geauga Area Local #1204, Director of Veteran Affairs, Ohio Postal Workers Union,AFL-CIO, APWU Workers For Change, Disabled US Army Veteran, 1/12 Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division.

Thomas Benson for APWU Legislative and Political Director.

This years APWU election in my opinion will open the eyes of many across the country. When you look at the make up of each team you can see exactly who is in it for the members and who is in it for themselves.
There are a few amongst the teams I’ve know for years and know them to be outstanding individuals. Then I see intertwined in each team, individuals whom are opportunists simply running to save their 6 figure a year a job. The members are simply an after thought.

Many have forgotten where they came from. These individuals have been off the workroom floor for so long it’s impossible for them to understand the issues and aggravation each APWU member goes through on a daily basis. This is evident when you look at the contract negotiations and legislation that has been supported. Those individuals when they lose this years election will simply retire. They will never have to pay the price of their actions or their decisions. To me this a gross injustice to every APWU member.

I urge every member to look at each candidate individually. We don’t have to vote an entire team in. Simply vote for those who have your best interest in mind. I would also ask that you look at those running in this years election and ask yourself… are they coming from the workroom floor? Will they have my best interest in mind ? Are they blinded by greed and only out for themselves and the title?

The members future as well as the future of the APWU depends on us the members voting the right people in to lead us for the next 3 years.

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