McKinnon-Wood the Yin and Yang of the APWU

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At a time when the APWU suffers greatly from being fragmented Tony D. McKinnon Sr has offered a ray of hope with the formation of his coalition the APWU Workers For Change.  The coalition is a group of like minded individual APWU candidates for office who have started a grassroots movement to empower workers and change the direction of the APWU.  Mr. McKinnon often refers to ancient Chinese philosophy when speaking of how the APWU will operate from the top offices.  I for one am highly excited about how Tony D. McKinnon Sr and Samuel “Sam” Wood will work together as a team to improve working conditions, wages and benefits for APWU members active and retired.

“Sam and I will be the Yin and Yang.” McKinnon said.

For those who might not be familiar with the Yin and Yang we will try to help you understand. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang refer to how opposite forces work together to create functionality and enable order in the universe. Where the Yin is the Yang will also be. What the Yin is involved in the Yang will also be doing.

Tony and Sam at the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Tri-State.


McKinnon and Wood have a lot in common. They are both fighters. Both men have top shelf union backgrounds and achievements. However, I believe Mr. McKinnon makes the analogy of the “Yin and Yang” to illustrate how he will work with Sam Wood to show inclusion, involvement and transparency. Where Tony is there Sam will also be and be an active participant in all that goes on.

I personally see a time of healing under McKinnon-Wood and the APWU Workers For Change. Where buzz words like “members unity” and “members first” are not just buzz words but a reality. I perceive a proactive union that works with the Craft Directors and their staff to produce solid results for the membership. The foundation is in place with dedicated hard-working people like Lamont Brooks and Idowu Balogun just to name a few.

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