IPWU teach “Hoosier Hospitality” is no accident

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This page is maintained by the founders of the APWU Workers For Change movement. We support and will vote for all APWU Workers For Change national candidates before considering those outside the movement. Like us on Facebook: APWU Workers For Change.

Union Station Indianapolis, Indiana

Jerry Stidman, Terre Haute Area Local #618, 2016 candidate for APWU National President, grassroots activist, past Local Editor, past Local Clerk Craft Director and Steward, ordinary postal worker involved in APWU Workers For Change

Thomas Benson and Tony McKinnon (photo credit IPWU Legislative/Political Director Joseph Parrett

I would like to extend my personal thank you to all the people involved in making the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio APWU Tri-State Conference a great event this weekend.  I came to Indianapolis as a tourist with a camera wearing a t-shirt in support of the APWU Workers For Change.  For me it was a long weekend with friends for the sake of having a good time and doing what I could to help those out who I believe will be the best future national leaders of the APWU.  Side note I paid my own expenses on this trip.  I was not a sanctioned APWU officer at any level.

Sam Wood APWU Workers For Change, VP Candidate in Indianapolis.

A “yuge and hardy thank you” to all the Indiana Postal Workers Union officers and staff.  Although I only caught bits and pieces of the speakers and training the feedback from the delegates was very upbeat and positive.  For me as a supporter of candidates coming from outside the immediate area, I was very pleased how the Friday session was held with the meet and greet.  It was totally first class.  The meet and greet was well thought out and very organized.  It was a great forum for all candidates to present information about their ideas and aspirations.  I feel the members of the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Tri-State will have the opportunity to be some of the best educated voters in the nation.  You did your job and you did your job well.  I am so proud to be an Indiana Postal Worker right now and every IPWU member should be as well you represented us in an exemplary manner.

Thank you, Doug Brown, Patti Orndorf, and Ann Barnes, for your tireless work to make the event happen.  Thank you to all the organizing members for this event from all three states in the Tri-State.

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