When will the APWU get a contract and what’s in the TA’s

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Sign our petition for President Dimondstein to show us the TA’s

Show us the TA's

Sign our petition for the APWU President to show us the TA’s.

We will start with the following thoughts provided by Tony D. McKinnon Sr. former Director of Industrial Relations and current candidate for APWU National President.  The only factor different from the current contract negotiations is the absence of Mr. McKinnon.  In fact both people who ran against McKinnon head the current Industrial Relations Department are part of the current dysfunction issues that have basically put us in the situation where nearly 10 months after the expiration of the latest contract we are now talking about entering interest arbitration.

“As the Chief spokesperson and the primary responsible officer for the 2015 contract, I can attest that we didn’t have such divisive issues. The Craft Directors, Assistance Craft Officers, and other directors were all involved and engaged in securing a contract for our members. All NBAs received a copy with the contract language presently in place to give them an opportunity to weigh in if there needed to be changes based on their experience in the field. We worked as a team. We respected each other’s ideas. We also debated vigorously on the best course to take and stood firm together on our final decision. The Rank and File Committee were treated with respect. I gave them an in-depth report on each step we had taken and what we were doing.” Tony D. McKinnon Sr.


In the current edition of the APWU’s magazine “APWU The AMERICAN Postal Worker” President Mark Dimondstein provided an article about the proposed APWU contract titled “Members Are Asking…”

We have reached out to members of the APWU’s Rank & File Committee who voted against President DImondstein’s contract he portrayed as “fair and positive”.  We anticipate their response in the coming days.  One thing is apparent to us this is not a transparent process like the last contract.

We appreciate Mr. Hoffman’s creative sense of humor as noted in the video above.  Using Scott Hoffman style of wit the contract process doesn’t “pass the smell test”.  We do not anticipate a new APWU contract until the Spring of 2020 and without Mark Dimondstein and Vance Zimmerman voted out of office we are not very confident in the APWU’s ability to negotiate a “fair and positive” agreement.

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