Tony D. McKinnon Sr. candidate for APWU National President

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Tony D. McKinnon Sr.

My name is Tony D. McKinnon, Sr. and I want to become your next national president for the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). I’m all about getting results for you and I’ve got what is needed to take this into the home stretch.

I cannot sit on the sidelines. Getting involved is what makes the world, our community, and our union better. My passion for sports has led me to coach boys and girls for more than 10 years. When my oldest child was 10, I coached her intramural basketball team. Most of the girls on the team had never played ball before, so she was excited when her team won the championship that year. My lesson to her and her teammates? Believe in yourself and trust your teammates to achieve your collective goals. And that is what I bring to the table in this national election: I believe in my focused determination and vision to bring a better, stronger union to the postal workers of this country. And I will shape a hard-working team to bring that vision into reality for you, your family and your jobs.

Americans still dream of a safe, secure place to call home, a way to maintain that home and provide for family, a smooth transition to a comfortable and dignified retirement, and the assurance of a stable job providing sustained wages to make all this possible. Does this sound about right for you? It does for me: this is what I want for my children and grandchildren. So, I fight for it.

I began with USPS in 1982 and have served as president of Fayetteville Area Local #984 for 30 years. I’ve served with the AFL-CIO in various capacities for more than 20 years along with serving as chair and co-chair of the National President’s Conference, and the National Labor Management Committee. (insert link to website here with accomplishments). I know your concerns because they are my concerns also.

I’ve had my share of losses, and I’m better because of them. For example, I lost my bid for local city council. But, without taking a chance, you lose before you get in the race. I never lose sight of my purpose: to be of service to others and fight for those who need representation. To quote Vince Lombardi, “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” I don’t quit.

In my 30 years as local APWU president:

1. Won the first major Hearing-Impaired Arbitration in the country in 1993. The USPS was required to provide certified interpreters for hearing-impaired workers when discussions would affect hours, wages, or working conditions.

2. Won the first arbitration hearing in Greensboro, NC that required the USPS to pay any employee on administrative leave their night differential, Sunday premium, and holiday pay for all times they were out of work, but available, if called during their schedule to work.

3. As State APWU President of North Carolina, I arbitrated the first two cases in the country to negotiate a LMOU for small offices. This win provided the ability for the National APWU to negotiate the present-day small office LMOU for all facilities/offices.

4. As a Local President with two Remote Encoding Centers, and over 1,000 Transitional Employees (TE) with no health care, I negotiated the first major medical health plan with New York Life for TEs. The plan was a major medical plan that was equal to the APWU High Option Plan at the time.

5. In the same capacity & location, where there was no due process for non-career employees, I negotiated the first due-process procedure called “Reflection Time.” This provide steps like the career Article 16, that stopped the firing of TEs. This has now been fully incorporated for all PSEs in our National Contract.

As National Industrial Relations Director from 2013-2016, my department highlights included:

1. Exceeding the normal amount of national cases ever arbitrated or pre-arbitrated at Headquarters, resulting in more than $100 million in payments to our members

2. Working with our national officers in the conversion of over 40,000 plus PSEs to career status

3. Developing and implementing Nationwide Bid Tracking System (BTS) for all crafts

4. Implementing a Comprehensive Safety Program

5. Creating an APWU National Non-Compliance Process, which provided members with hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements

6. Implementing “Zoom,” the National Teleconference at HQ to reach members better

7. Establishing a meeting with USPS/APWU for the first National Labor Management meeting since 1995

As your national APWU president, I will establish a strong leadership team who will pledge to:

1. Immediately address working conditions/hostile environments on the workroom floor and develop plan to fight abusive managers’/ management styles.

2. I will establish a working environment that respects all leaders.

3. Fight to convert PTFs and PSEs to career

4. Fight for Veteran’s Preference rights & lower health plan premiums

5. Fight pay anomaly between crafts and two tier wage scale

6. Fight to prevent consolidation, outsourcing, Negotiated 2015 contract. qualified to negotiate this contract

7. Fight for retirees to repeal the government pension offset and windfall

8. Create a distant learning academy and a physical academy in all five regions for leaders and members

9. Request the convention reinstate the Assistant Legislative Director and Clerk Craft Director (C) positions to help defend our rights

10. Support retiree’s efforts to become fully involved in the APWU and help mentor the next generation. Will propose $15 bi-weekly flat dues until age 80, afterward free.

11. Reinvigorate and Support fully the Auxiliary of the APWU to assist our efforts nationwide

These pledges will begin within the first six months of office, unless they require convention action. The APWU Workers for Change will hit the ground with one idea: fighting for you, the member.


Vote your ”APWU Workers For Change Coalition” We know your challenges and your hopes. We ARE you. Trust this coalition to FIGHT, NOT BEG, FOR OUR RIGHTS.

Thank you in advance for trusting me! vote Tony National APWU president.

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