Tiffany Foster candidate for Northeast Regional Coordinator

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and seek your support and vote for the position of Northeast Regional Coordinator.

My name is Tiffany Foster. I am the Executive Vice President of New York Metro Area Postal Union and have held this position since 2012. I am the first woman elected by the membership to this position. My local represents approximately 5000 postal employees in all three crafts in the following locations: Manhattan, Bronx, Dominic V. Daniels P&DC and New Jersey International- Network Distribution Center.

I am a proud member of the “Fighting 4U Team”. We are a team of dedicated unionists who are running in this election to be the change that is needed and this can only happen with your support. Find us at or look us up on Facebook at APWU Fighting 4U Team to volunteer and be part of the change.

I have had the honor and privilege of representing this great union in multiple capacities for 20 years. I strongly believe in teamwork. As my local’s lead representative for reversion grievances, it was teamwork that enabled us to prevent management from reverting duty assignments. The threat of excessing was stopped by our aggressive approach. By working together, we forced management to create new duty assignments which resulted in PSE conversions.

I will be your support system in the battle to protect and preserve our jobs. We will fight management’s attacks together. You will not be alone. You will have access to my knowledge and experience in this fight.

All employees should be treated with dignity and respect. This is a personal issue to me. Using an innovative approach, we were successful in convincing an arbitrator to find management guilty of creating a hostile work environment. The arbitrator also required those management officials to write an apology letter to the grievant.  I will work diligently assisting local and state unions encountering workplace issues to create a work environment free from harassment and intimidation.

I have worked with federal, state and local leaders in addition to assisting communities in the fight to keep our post offices from closing.

My office will have an open-door policy and will be accessible and available to the membership. The Northeast Region will receive the same passion and fight I have given NY Metro for 20 years. I guarantee that.

Information received from APWU HQ will be distributed to the region. I know how important it is to have this information. I will ensure that the local and state officers have the tools they need to effectively police and enforce our collective bargaining agreement.

The Northeast Regional Coordinator is a member of the National Executive Board and the Board of Directors of the APWU Health Plan. I am a member of the APWU Health Plan. Some of our current National Executive Board members are not but are making decisions for our health plan.

I will be your voice on the National Executive Board. The Northeast Region’s voice will be heard.

I understand sometimes the union must work with management but, working with management doesn’t mean rolling over. I am not afraid to think outside the box or push the envelope. I travel to places and areas where most won’t. It is not enough to be told what is going on, I must see what is going on.

I have always believed in representing the employees the way I would want to be represented. This is what I still believe and what continues to drive me.

With me as your Northeast Regional Coordinator, you will always have a fighter in your corner, because if it affects you, it affects me.

Together, we will continue the work of our former Northeast Regional Coordinator, John Dirzius, in making the Northeast Region the best region in the APWU. Feel free to contact me at

Presently, I have been endorsed by the following:
John H. Dirzius- Recently Retired APWU Northeast Regional Coordinator- “I can assure you that Tiffany is talented, smart, articulate, and aggressive in her collective pursuit for workplace justice for our members.” Tiffany is a leader that is ready and willing to fight back against those who attack our contract, our standard of living, and our right to bargain collectively.”

Pete Coradi- APWU New York Region National Business Agent-“Tiffany possesses all the qualities of a great leader. She’s fearless. She’s very dedicated, and very hard-working. She’s compassionate. Her love for her sisters and brothers and for her union is very evident. Tiffany is not afraid to think out of the box, and not afraid to step up to any challenge.”

Frank Resetarits- APWU New York State President- “Tiffany always used as a barometer; just how would an issue affect a member on the workroom floor.”

Robert “Bob” Johnson- Greater Connecticut Area Local President- “Tiffany’s success as a local steward and as the Executive Vice President of the New York Metro Areal Local is known and appreciated by all of her members but also by officers and stewards throughout the Northeast as her many local accomplishments help all of us to be better representatives and leaders.”

Greater Connecticut Area local

New York Metro Area Postal Union Executive Board.

Puerto Rico Area Local- Angieliz Colondres-Area Vice President “This lady has my support and love. She is more than capable to head the northeast on the correct path. Tiff love you sister and stay strong. PRAL 1070 supports YOU!!!”

Boston Metro Area Local

Manchester Area Local

Lillian Pascale- Flushing, NY Area Local President- “I have always looked up to Tiffany because of her knowledge and strength in this Union. She has always been there when I have needed guidance in my journey as an APWU officer and she has never turned her back on me when I needed assistance.”

Tom Mcmenamy- Brooklyn, NY Area Local President

Southern New York Area Local

Terry Finnerty- Southern New York Area Local Clerk Craft Director- “Tiffany will support & represent every local in the Northeast region in the same manner she has done in her capacity as Vice President of NY Metro. If you want and need someone in your corner to stand with you, and fight for you and your members, Tiffany Foster is the right choice for the NE regional Coordinator position.”

Greater Hicksville Mid Island, NY Executive Board.

Long Island Area local

Thank you for your support.
In solidarity,


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