Lamont A. Brooks Candidate for Clerk Division Director

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Lamont Brooks Candidate For Clerk Craft Director

APWU clerk members, Lamont Brooks is asking for your support, floor campaign, and vote. A campaign built on truth and honesty.


Lamont has shown he will fight with you from Step 1 to national arbitration. He has a proven record that has been tested and verified with results. He has consistently provided guidance to the field on fighting issues affecting the Clerk Craft. He has written grievance templates and Request for Information templates for NBA and local use.

He has the experience, knowledge and vision. He knew the importance and value of the 2010 USPS/APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 37.3.A.1 language that states, “Every effort will be made to create desirable duty assignments from all available work hours for career employees to bid.” Based on this language, Lamont created the Maximization/Desirable Duty Assignment Tool (MDAT) that has directly led to the creation of thousands of new clerk duty assignments, led to thousands of conversions of PSEs to career status, led to the conversion of PTFs to full-time status, stopped thousands of clerks from being excessed and overturned thousands of duty assignment reverted by the Postal Service in the clerk craft.

Lamont filed the Article 1.6.b dispute involving Postmasters performing bargaining unit work and he negotiated the settlement, resulting in clerks receiving the largest national monetary settlement in APWU history (56 million dollars). Lamont negotiated the PMR national dispute settlement, involving the Postal Service’s failure to eliminate PMRs, resulting in clerks receiving a monetary settlement, the second largest monetary settlement in APWU history (49.9 million dollars). Lamont filed the national dispute involving the Postal Service use of injured bargaining employees from other crafts working in the clerk craft and he negotiated the settlement resulting in the clerks gaining the work and receiving a monetary settlement of, the third largest monetary settlement in APWY history (36 million dollars).

He has negotiated national settlements that return TACS work to the clerk bargaining unit, eliminated Postmasters performing lobby sweeps, PSE background and fingerprinting, e1260 reporting, protection of scheme/dexterity training, Two Hours or Less Custodial Cleaning Q and A, negotiated the creation of a fourth Call Center (Wichita, KS), protection of non-use of PSEs in registry, and the eliminated the NMO outsourcing of clerk work.

Lamont negotiated the ongoing remedy of 204-B details beyond ninety (90) days, negotiated several Q and A involving Holiday Clerk Assistants, negotiated higher level pay when Lead Clerks improperly lead same/higher level employees, negotiated clothing uniform allowance settlements, assisted and was instrumental in gaining crucial language in the LMOU without a local union structure.

Lamont has negotiated over 200 million dollars in monetary remedies to the clerk craft employees, in addition to gaining additional work, as positive work rules changes since becoming an APWU national officer. Lamont would prefer to secure better contract language when the Postal Service violates the contract, but if forced, will accept monetary remedies. There must be a remedy for a contractual violation.

He has accomplished these feats as an Assistant Director in the Clerk Division.

Imagine what he could do with the APWU constitutional authority of the Clerk Division Director. Lamont, as an Assistant Director is not on the national negotiations committee. He is not on the national Labor/Management committee. He has no authority over the Clerk grievance activity.

As Clerk Division Director, he would lead the APWU Clerk Division on all these matters.

Lamont Brooks will fight for the whole APWU Clerk Division and will not advance one group at the expense of another group. He will not make give backs or return hard earned work rules gained in previous contracts. We already paid for those gains. He will negotiate changes there are in the best of interest of the Clerk membership. He will work with other craft officers and national officers, but his number one priority will be to the Clerk Craft. He will continue to be honest and truthful to the membership.

Lamont‘s ten goals if elected as Clerk Division Director:

“Equal pay for equal work, contract enforcement, address hostile and unsafe workplace issues, job security and benefits, work hour guarantees, protection of clerk work, educate/inform and communicate with the members on the work room floor, assist the local officers and stewards/NBA support, APWU national/regional clerk craft visibility on work room floor and APWU clerk craft officer/arbitration advocate mentoring.”

Times are hard and the clerk craft is under attack. Your future and well-being are on the line. This is not about friendship, likes or dislikes. It is about doing the right thing for you, your family and the future generation of APWU members working for the Postal Service. You should hold all elected officers responsible and accountable for these important decisions and the input they provide you.

To achieve these goals, all of which he believes are attainable, it is important that you elect his experienced Clerk Craft team. Current Clerk Division Assistant Director, Lynn Pallas-Barber and current APWU Clerk Dallas Region NBA, Sam Lisenbe have the knowledge, experience and work ethic needed to take the Clerk Division forward into the future. This is not the time for on-the-job training. He needs a Clerk Division team that is united, that can work together, as a house divided will not stand.

Please support the APWU Fighting 4U Team, a dedicated, experience group, bridging the gap to the future with a blend of loyal current APWU local/state and national officers. We pledge to work together. Give us that chance.

Lamont would like to close by thanking you for giving him the opportunity to serve you for the past eighteen years as a regional and national officer. It has been a privilege and honor and he will be forever grateful.

During these difficult times, you need an experienced, tested and proven fighter.

Please join Lamont by voting for him and helping him secure the member’s vote. He can’t do this without you. If you would like to join Lamont in this endeavor, you can reach him at

Thank you!


    • Tess Delisle on September 17, 2019 at 1:06 am
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    Lamont,you will always have my vote. Good luck!!

    • Rick George on September 23, 2019 at 12:38 pm
    • Reply

    As far as I am concerned Lamont is the Clerk Craft! He is what we need to lead the Clerks!

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