APWU candidates suggest pilot daycare program

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As the post offices transitions to a younger workforce one idea being floated by a group of candidates is the potential of an employer/union supported daycare program for postal workers. Although not many details are currently available this is what we know. The inspiration to start the pilot program was suggested by Rick Ruiz a candidate for National Business Agent.

Mr. Ruiz is from the California Area Local a large urban local with three mail processing plants and multiple associate offices in Southern California. Rick reports one of the issues he frequently sees in his local is younger members who struggle to maintain a schedule because of a lack of affordable and dependable daycare. He brought the issue up to the APWU Workers For Change candidates. Tony D. McKinnon Sr. a founding member of the movement and a candidate for APWU National President immediately embraced the idea.

The charismatic Vice-Presidential candidate from the APWU Workers For Change, Samuel “Sam” Wood a leader who is known to achieve results when others are unable made reference to the proposed pilot program at the National President’s Conference Debate. See the video below:

Jeane Gardiner candidate for Secretary Treasurer and member of APWU Workers For Change made the following statement in her 1000-word article published on the union’s website:

“I understand many of the needs of the current workforce, which consist of a great many workers who are of child-bearing age. Often these employees are forced to miss work because there is no daycare available. One of my goals when I am elected as Secretary-Treasurer is to explore ways of developing around the clock onsite daycare in the larger postal facilities. Having a daycare available will help this age group of workers as well as provide employment for many of the retirees who may want to increase their income.”


It is clear there is a solid plan being laid by this group of candidates to establish a new program to help the membership. This is a developing story we will be following up on.

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