Jerry Stidman for APWU Secretary Treasurer

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I want to thank all the APWU locals and their officers who signed my petition to run for APWU National Secretary Treasurer.  It is deeply appreciated.  On Monday June 24th, 2019 I notified the APWU National Headquarters/Election Committee my intent to withdraw from the election process.  The request to withdraw from the APWU Secretary Treasurer race was acknowledged by the APWU National Secretary Treasurer’s office on June 24th as well.

I encourage all APWU Presidents, officers and members who support me to vote for Jeane Gardiner from the Houston, Texas APWU Local for Secretary Treasurer.

Jeane Gardiner, Candidate for APWU National Secretary Treasurer

For those who would like to know more about my decision to withdraw from the APWU election process are welcomed to contact me directly at 812-243-2214.

Jerry Stidman

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