STIDMAN: Supports Idowu Balogun for APWU Maintenance Craft “Director”

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This is a slam dunk. I had never met APWU Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun in person until recently at the Mobile, AL APWU Tri-State. To say Mr. Balogun made a positive impression on me is an understatement. There is no way there is a better person to lead the APWU Maintenance Craft Department. Balogun is the man!

In fact I am very comfortable saying at this point in time I personally support Jimmie Waldon, Idowu Balogun and Terry B. Martinez in their quest to continue leading the APWU Maintenance Department .  This should be a no-brainer for all.

We support Jimmie Waldon, Idowu Balogun, and Terry B. Martinez in the APWU Maintenance Department.

Now putting all politics aside and I will now tell you about the man Idowu Balogun who now tongue in cheek refers to himself as “Director” Balogun. He says no one can pronounce his first name. So, it just makes sense! From here on out I will refer to Idowu Balogun as “Director”.

I was seated in the lounge on the 17th floor of the Holiday Inn in Mobile, Alabama when Director made his entrance.  He sat down at the bar.  Shortly after that someone made mention Director was originally from Nigeria.  My first thought was gee I’ve got family in Lagos, Nigeria I wonder if we have anything in common.  Well, I don’t really have family from Nigeria but a rapper/hip-hop artist from Lagos does have my rare last name as a first name.  So that’s how I made my introduction.

I said something like following, “Mr. Balogun what part of Nigeria are you from? You know I have family in Lagos”.

Random extraneous fact see video below. You just can’t make this stuff up!

In very short order “Director” achieved that rare honorary status of “brother’s from another mother”. Director Balogun and I have a massive amount of shared interests.  We truly have a lot in common and not just our interests to see the APWU succeed at the highest possible level.

Probably the best things I have in common with Director Balogun is we are both sincere, genuine, down to earth and easy-going people.  Balogun is knowledgeable, highly educated and is an extremely focus driven individual.

“This man is smart and uses his intelligence for the betterment of maintenance craft workers.”

Idowu “Director” Balogun and Jimmie Waldon

Director Balogun traveled to the United States on a college scholarship. He holds advanced degrees in Engineering and is a very skilled communicator. Director stated his education is so detailed many of his educational accolades he doesn’t even share in APWU channels because it is basically overkill. He did a phenomenal job helping my very uncomplicated blue-collar mind understand this fact.

Mr. Balogun’s education and hands on experience in publishing online is very similar to my own dating back decades to times when languages like .html and basic were a staple in web publishing.  We spoke of computers using binary number systems to perform their functions and how the progression of computers over time has been amazing.  This man’s technical expertise is very highly developed.

Finally, Director Balogun is a pilot.  He is also an AP.  Which is a type of aviation mechanic.  This is an interest I have as well.  For over eight years I owned an airplane.  I was never able to fly the plane solo as I have a very well-developed heart condition but live close to a training airport with young pilots who trade flying time for the opportunity to increase their number of flying hours.  Hence, I always had someone to baby sit me if I had a heart issue at 4,000 feet in the air!  Below is the picture of the airplane I used to own.

In conclusion this might seem like “it’s about me” in some way.  But in all honesty no it’s not.  It is about an ordinary APWU rank and file craft worker who has a kindred spirit who is a national craft director.  It is very rare when that regular guy who sells stamps, sweeps the floors of the post office or works on the machines that helps the post office function can really get to know someone who is running for national office.  It is even more rare when that same rank and file worker can connect at their level, I was able to with Idowu “Director” Balogun.  I am not a maintenance craft worker.  I am a clerk, but I will be telling my friends in maintenance to vote for Idowu Balogun, Jimmie Waldon, and Terry B. Martinez.

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