Samuel Wood announces his candidacy for APWU National Executive Vice President

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This page is maintained by the founders of the APWU Workers For Change movement.  We support and will vote for all APWU Workers For Change national candidates before considering those outside the movement.  Like us on Facebook:  APWU Workers For Change.

The APWU Health Plan is very important to both retirees and current employees. Our members deserve low rates along with great benefits. I decided that I was the best qualified to run for the open Health Plan Director position with the backing of former director Bill Kaczor. I created and sent out yearly health plan comparison spreadsheets all over the country for over a ten year period in order to help retirees and current employees decide which plan was best for their situation. I felt that the odds were in my favor to take this position and to help make the APWU Health Plan better. However, after seeing those same members (retirees and workers) suffering with issues besides health care and knowing how much I love being the underdog, I felt that I needed to do much more.

I feel that PTF’s are being overlooked and ignored. APWU retirees’ pay and benefits are under constant attacks. Management refuses timely conversions of PSE’s . The workroom floor has become a battleground. Supervisors do what they want with no accountability. Bullying and harassment from management is on the rise. Other crafts are performing APWU bargaining unit work on a daily basis. Employees in other Postal Unions are making more at lower levels than APWU employees working at a higher level. Rising health care costs mean little or no pay increases for our members. Instead of finding other progressive ways to fight to get our work back in RI-399, we simply cut a deal with a much smaller Union that received an equal monetary settlement. Some locals will lose jobs because of the RI-399 deal. Some of our brothers and sisters are giving up hope. When does this chaos end? The truth is, we have been left to fend for ourselves. The APWU has become a shell of itself. Our focus has been shifted away from workers and retirees.

This is why I have decided to run for the office of APWU Executive Vice President. I feel that we need to move in a different direction. We need to fight back. We need to do more to assist our membership. Members need to be able to look at our National Officers to assist them in every way possible. The go it alone approach is clearly not working. Former APWU Presidents Moe Biller and William “Bill” Burrus were known as individuals who never forgot where they came from. I loved that about them as they always cared about those they represented. They always fought hard for better pay, benefits and working conditions for those they represented. Over the past two contracts, our health plan give backs have resulted in a decrease in our pay. This bleeding must end.

Six years ago, when my local finally heard an RI-399 arbitration case that was thirteen years old. It was the APWU versus Management and Mail Handlers (Two versus One). Not one APWU National Officer thought we would win this case, but my local felt we would, and we did. Management then refused to negotiate a payment to our members. I went to APWU’s Lawyer and he said he could not or would not do anything . I immediately began a search for a law firm that would take our local’s case to Federal Court. After my local overwhelmingly supported my choice in a law firm, it was Industrial Relations Director Tony McKinnon who backed my local’s decision to hire a law firm and lobbied to get the APWU’s blessing for us to “go it alone” (with the disclaimer, they couldn’t be held liable). After a lengthy court battle, our local (along with our attorneys), forced management to negotiate a settlement with my Vice President and I. Months later, we negotiated a $5.2 million settlement. We paid over 600 employees who were still working, retired, had transferred or even deceased (their families were compensated).

I have always fought for those I represent, even when it’s difficult. I have always stood up to bullies or those wanting to harm our members. I have always worked well with others but will never remain silent when our members are not well represented. If you want someone to fight back, I am that candidate. If you want someone as Executive Vice President that will allow themselves to be disrespected and say nothing or be a blank check for the President, please, do not vote for me. I am about change to the status quo and someone who will stand up and fight for all members regardless of their status in our great Union.

As far as being part of a “Ticket”, we are really a group of like-minded individual candidates who are looking to stand up and fight for those we represent. We support fighters on other tickets (like Lamont Brooks) who work tirelessly for our membership. Unlike other tickets, we sent out individual petitions (not as a group). I feel this is more of a movement then a typical team. Feel free however to call it what you want. I just know that if you look at my history as a 19-year President, you will see that I have always been a fighter for those who I represent. By working together , we can make a positive change.

I humbly ask for your support for APWU Executive Vice President.

• Postal Employee and APWU Member (28 years)
• Southwest Florida Area Local Editor (1993-1994)
• APWU National Convention Delegate (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)
• Southwest Florida Area Local Vice President from (1997-1998)
• Southwest Florida Area Local President from (2001 to Present)
• APWU of Florida – Clerk Craft Director (2004-2006)
• National Clerk Craft Committee Member (2008)

• Chairman of the Minnesota Twins Golf Tournament as SWFAL-APWU President (2004-2010)
• Helped Lee Cancer Care raise $5 million for SW Florida local cancer center as Local President
• Middle and High School Coach – Variety of Sports (26+ years)

• Fought against the “Lights Out Facility” (Fort Myers P&DC) and won (1996-2001)
• Researched and created the SWFAL-APWU local’s website (2009) with over 14 million hits
• Brought media attention to abusive managers disrespectful actions towards employees.
• Fought the closure and consolidation of the Fort Myers P&DC and won (2012)
• Was the last local to win backpay for employees in Level 4 Level 5 upgrades for Mail Processing Clerks
• Won one of the first settlements on progressive discipline for Postal Support Employees (PSE’s)
• Won major payouts (Including a $1.6 million settlement) locally for Casuals in Lieu of Career Employees
• Won the first case on Holiday Annuitant Supervisors (Christmas) which granted backpay for employees
• Only local to win 2 vs 1 against management and another Union in arbitration (RI-399 Flats Prep Case)
• Hired our own Law Firm to represent the Southwest Florida Area Local when National wouldn’t or couldn’t
• Took the USPS to Federal Court multiple times (and won) forcing the USPS to negotiate with local Union
• Negotiated a $5.2 million settlement in a RI-399 case for the Southwest Florida Area Local employees
• In 2017, paid out settlement to everyone that worked from 2000-2006 (Retirees, Transfers & Deceased)

• Yearly created Health Plan Comparison Sheets (2008-2019)
• Distributed detailed notes for National Conventions, President’s conferences and other important events
• Wrote articles on members being sold out due to poorly negotiated settlements (Contracts, RI-399, etc..)

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