Seven APWU National Officers abandon Mark Dimondstein

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There is obvious discord between with the peace and harmony at 1300 L Street the APWU National Headquarters as election season approaches.  Seven APWU National Officers have chosen to break ranks with the sitting President Mark Dimondstein.  The potential for more national officers to defect is high as the time to requests national election petitions is still a week and a half down the road.

Nationwide support for Dimondstein seems to be in decline as working conditions are in a degraded state.  To compound his plight resistance was very heavy to the President’s proposed contract.  The APWU Rank and File Committee which is a review board for any APWU labor contract voted down Dimondstein’s agreement by a vote of 9 to 4.  The proposed contract had such a poignant impact on Rank and File members three of individuals from the committee have announced their intention to run for APWU national office.  The three Rank and File Committee members are Scott Hoffman, Roscoe Woods and Tiffany Foster.

Scott Hoffman, President Boston Area Local and Tiffany Foster, Vice President New York Metro Local have formed an alliance on Facebook sharing a page Bridging the gap to the Future.  Scott Hoffman was also the chairman of the Rank and File Committee.  When we reached out to Mr. Hoffman he spoke highly of Tiffany and emphasized she had a very strong presence and made major contributions to the committee.  Scott Hoffman announced he would be a candidate for Director of Industrial Relations.  Tiffany Foster will challenge for Northeastern Region Coordinator. Roscoe Woods, President, APWU Local 480-481 will run for Central Region Coordinator.  All three offices are on the APWU National Executive Board.  The NEB is the governing body Mark Dimondstein, or a future President will answer to.  Mr. Hoffman made the following comment in his Rank and File Committee report:

“We believe the spirit and intent and checks, and balances contained in the National Constitution have been violated. First, although the title mandates the Craft Division Officers be on the National Negotiations Committee, we have found this occurred in name only. The record clearly reflects their exclusion in the negotiating process. Second, the Rank and File Committee was not privy to, nor was provided any Tentative Agreements as they were signed.”

It would seem President Dimondstein has lost all sense of composure.  He has offended Vice President Debby Sveredy so badly she has chosen to run for office with the other six national officers and three Rank and File Committee members.  They are calling themselves Team Fighting 4U.  Team members are listed below:

*John Marcotte, President

*Debby Sveredy, Vice President

Scott Hoffman, Director of Industrial Relations

*Lamont Brooks, Clerk Craft Director

*Lynn Pallas-Barber, Assistant Clerk Craft Director

*Joyce Robinson, Research and Education Director

*Sue Carney, Human Relations Director

*Nancy Olumekor, Retiree Director

Tiffany Foster, Northeast Region Coordinator

Roscoe Woods, Central Region Coordinator

The names of the seven national officers who defected from supporting Mark Dimondstein are marked with an asterisk above.

This is a developing story.  We will update this article as more details become available.

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